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Raleigh alternative Medicine promotes alternative medicine resources in Raleigh Cary Durham Chapel Hill NC.
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Alternative medicine-Raleigh Durham Cary Chapel Hill NC Raleigh Alternative Health Guide to Alternative Medicine

Alternative Health
Raleigh Cary Durham Chapel Hill NC
Your Local Guide to Alternative Medicine

Alternative Health Care-Announcments From Indigo Life Center

The Indigo Life Center is your resource for locating Alternative Health Care resources in the Triangle. Find

The Indigo Life Center encourages you to take charge of your health and wellbeing.

If you are a practitioner or seminar leader, we invite you to join the Indigo Life Center site for bringing together all modalities and connecting them to the public. Through the Indigo Life Center the general public will be able to find information, upcoming classes, programs, seminars and events. Through extensive marketing the Indigo Life Center will be in the forefront of the healing market. Don't miss this Great Opportunity!

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