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Mind body spirit-Find your MBS-IQ
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Mind body soul are all dimensions of Being and need to be in balance for health. Take our quiz to assess your Mind Body Spirit IQ-Indigo Life Center for holistic health.

What's your Mind Body Spirit IQ?

Take the MBS-IQ quiz Promote Your Holistic Health

Taking the MBS-IQ quiz is free, and fun! We are 3-part beings. If you think about it, at all times we are either:

  • thinking (mind)
  • feeling (body)
  • in a transcendent consciousness (spirit)

We spend our entire lives in one of these three modes of awareness. Your score on the quiz will give you an idea about what proportion these modes show up in your life - your Body Mind Spirit IQ.

The MBS-IQ is easy and only takes a few minutes. All the scores are automatically added up for you. Holistic medicine starts with balancing the whole being. The quiz only takes a few minutes and you will receive a numerical score for each of these three components of being. You will then be provided clues to help you discover how to find personnal balance that leads to living a healthier and happier life!

Start The Mind-Body-Spirit IQ quiz

Comments about the MBS-IQ quiz

A brilliant idea ...  Very valuable for folks in terms of aiding in self awareness and giving folks valuable options to help with decision making!
Anne Preston - www.mbscoaching.com

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We also refer you to this exceptional web site that has dozens of interesting tests. Psychtest.com


Another really fun quiz is called brainworks which you can take using the link above.

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