Chapel Hill Integrative, Complementary, and Alternative Health Care Practitioners

Marlene Dunphy Teacher of Esoteric Study
Marlene Dunphy

Marlene's passion is teaching new students all the facets of Tarot Studies. Mincryology is Dr. Connolly's unique study of Healing using ...
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Clementina Marie Giovannetti

Private Consultations are available world-wide. For more information please go to:
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Spirited Solutions
Barnsley Brown, PhD & Reiki Master

Free Your Spirit Coaching and Counseling sessions, Reiki seminars in all levels (approved by the National Certification Board for ...
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Dr. Nina Elshiekh

Medical/Sports Massage; Z-Health R-phase Cert, NMR Cert, NST Cert, Trigger point specialist
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Kelley Harrell

Shamanic services include soul retrieval and integration, Soul Readings, chakra balancing, deathwalking, fetal and infant communication, ...
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Jean Wiley

OUTER BANKS ASTROLOGY by Jean Wiley The use of astrology helps you learn the energies at work for you in the present and future. It is ...
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Mary Beth Wrenn

Mary Beth Wrenn is a professional Psychic-Medium & Clairvoyant who is in private practice doing readings, galleries & investigative work . ...
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Transitions Hypnosis, LLC
Susan Bernardini

Hypnotherapy for addictions, substance abuse, smoking cessation, weight release, and spiritual regression
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Hypnotic Solutions Hypnosis Center
Bryn Blankinship

Enjoy a rewarding career as a hypnotherapist! 180-hour Basic/Advanced Hypnosis Certification thru Int'l Association of Counselors & ...
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Brighter Living Massage Therapy
Kathie Bright

Swedish/Relaxation, Deep/Connective Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports, Healing Touch, Reflexology, Energy Mirrors, Bioacoustics, ...
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Healing Minds and Hearts
Sharon Callahan

Stress management program that are scienticifally proven. Reiki Master, Energy Healer
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Walk Thru The Door
Josiane D'Hoop

Complementary medical hypnotist, stress management facilitator, intuitive reading, medical intuitive, bioenergetic healer and teacher, ...
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Chapel Hill Chiropractic Centre
Ryan Fox

Complete Body Evaluation of Musculo-skeletal ailments and biochemical affects on organ systems using Applied Kinesiology, Acupunture, ...
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Form Fitness & Function
Monika Gross

Alexander technique (AT) instruction for Natural Poise provides you with training in strategies and skills to reduce and prevent ...
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Natural Health Strategies
Rebecca Hale

Learn how to unleash the healing power of nature so you can overcome illness, enhance your lifestyle, and improve your nutrition. ...
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Triangle Acupuncture Clinic
Chris Helmstetter

Triangle Acupuncture Clinic, LLC is the premier, full scale acupuncture clinic and herbal pharmacy with two locations in Chapel Hill and ...
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Reiki in Triangle, NC
Nataliya Hulyayeva

Reiki healing sessions is a wonderful way to reduce the stress, to improve one's health, and to make the life enjoyable and stress free! ...
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Whole Person Wellness Center
Rosemary Hyde

Whole Person Center in Chapel Hill offers truly holistic healing on all levels-- including spiritual -- integrated through teamwork among ...
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BlueRio Strategies & Hawk Collaborative
Jessi LaCosta

BlueRio and others in the Hawk Collaborative will support nonprofits, academic programs, social entrepreneurs & social enterprises. Many of ...
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Sacred Song Doula and Reiki Services
Gabrielle Lazarus

I offer several packages to meet the needs of my clients. My basic doula services package includes 2 prenatal visits, assistance crafting ...
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Heritage Acupuncture & Wellness
Janet Lee

Acupuncture, Chinese herbology, Asian nutrition evaluation, postural therapy, facelift massage, acupuncture facial rejuvenation, ayurvedic ...
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The Unfolding
Eireann Leigh

Usui Reiki Healing Energy Sessions Yoga for Individuals & Group Classes Qi Healing Energy Sessions Fine Art Services Ceremonies
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INF Institute
Aaron Marco

I treat pain caused by any kind of injury, post-surgery, childbirth, medical conditions and disorders. I also treat discomfort and pain ...
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Grace Holistic Solutions
Grace McCall

Holistic Health Assessment Meditation and Mindfulness Wellness Detox and Cleanse Homeopathy Lifestyle Coaching and Consultation
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Shine Your Light Gifts LLC
Marie Mohler

Marie Mohler is a spiritual channel who offers Soul Reading Services to people seeking to understand their soul's story, journey, lessons, ...
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Move Your Booty
Emily Newman

When life gets busy, food and fitness are the first things to go. And while we all know what we "should" do, finding a way to work it into ...
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Susan Reintjes

author of "Third Eye Open", psychic counselor and healer
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Sharron Rose

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Grow Well
Jen Snider

Wellness Counseling Nutritional Counseling Psychotherapy Farm-based Food and Nutrition Classes Individualized Yoga classes
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Restoring Balance
Nicole Splenda

Restoring Balance is a group of passionate professionals with 25+ years of experience and wisdom committed to supporting women and their ...
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Chapel Hill Acupuncture
Michelle Thelen

Acupuncture for infertility, women's health, facial rejuvenation, weight management, anxiety and stress
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Myth&Tone Massage
Lauren Tysinger

A private practice focused on releasing trauma and emotional patterns in the body. Utilizing sound therapy tuning forks and gentle ...
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William Young, Lightworker
Young William

I am a Shamanic Lightworker, Spiritual Counselor and Ordained Interfaith Minister in Chapel Hill, N.C. I facilitate healing, empowerment ...
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C Michael Willock DDS
Michael Willock

SAFE Mercury Removal following the Huggins Applied Healing Protocol Veneers, Bridges, Crowns, General Dentistry with a Holistic Approach, ...
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Elizabeth C. Wilson

Energy Integration, Astrology, reiki, feng shui, FSIA Interfaith Minister
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Relief Bound
Juli Ziervogel

I offer EFT and Matrix Reimprinting sessions. Find relief from emotional trauma, pain and stress. The sessions are designed to help you ...
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Rachel Zingone

I offer a holistic approach to health that addresses the deeper roots of imbalance, treating the whole person, not merely the symptoms. My ...
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Mindful Life By Design
Cindy Cicero

The Online School of Chi Energy Heals A Unique Online School that teaches the beginner or professional extreme healing energy abilities ...
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The Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School
Dr. Jay Dunbar

The Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School, located in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, USA, offers classes, workshops, private ...
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New Moon Astrology
Amy Dye

The map of the sky at the moment of your birth reflects your soul's intentions for your true self and your purpose. You learn. You ...
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Gypsie's Llight
Gypsie Wind-Feather Franklin

Reiki Energy Healing & Self-Healing Technique Instruction, Animal Spirit Guide Counselor & Interpreter, Ordained Interfaith Minister, ...
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Blueskyes Journey LLC
Deanna Frey

Offering in person and distance Reiki for people and animals as well as Archangelic Light healing in person and at a distance. I also offer ...
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Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Elizabeth Herrera is a healer and author whose life has been filled with miracles. She is dedicated to helping others believe that miracles ...
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Tarot Card Readings and more
Zena Lillie Pearl

My readings are fueled and embraced by the power of love the greatest power there is, to reveal hidden secrets or motives of another, ...
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White Lotus Healing Arts
Honey Music

Therapeutic, Preventative, Restorative. Address injuries,old and new, Slow down degenerative processes and improve vitality, remediate ...
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Beth Owl's Daughter
Beth Owl's Daughter

* * * Priestess of Enchantment and Transformation * * * Since 1972, Beth has been a seer and guide in the non-ordinary realms. She ...
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The Journey
Debra Robinson

Receive high-quality professional services, from The Journey based in Rocky Mount, NC. Whether you want to a Reiki appointment for stress ...
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Imagine Hypnotics
Michael Williams

Welcome to Imagine Hypnotics! A past life regression (PLR) is the retrieval of memories and experiences that occurred in other ...
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