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Health Cary NC: A Report
The Health Care and Alternative Medicine Community Thrives in Cary!

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Cary Health Care and Alternative Medicine Practitioners and Businesses
The Indigo Life Center is a local health resource directory for alternative medicine and holistic health that includes many hard-to-find holistic physicians, practitioners and therapies in Cary.

Pros of Health Cary NC

The pros of health care in Cary are many. Cary, NC is one of the countryís greatest areas for health care because of all the diverse and alternative methods available. Hereís a sample of why health Cary NC is thriving!

Highly Trained Health Care Providers

There are local schools for health care, alternative healing, massage therapy, healing touch therapies, and more. Nearby universities have clinics dedicated to Integrative Medicine, which combine the best of conventional and complementary/alternative medicine strategies. Meetup groups abound for many energy healers, and for specific conditions like FMS, menís health, nutrition, etc. On a lighter note, The Umstead Spa and Hotel was recently recommended in Self Magazine (March 2007) as one of the countryís most luxurious!

Plentiful Local Resources

There is an increase in self-empowerment to get to root causes of emotional issues, in work with mind, body and spirit. Nutrition and herbs are rapidly growing in popularity, and Cary has its own dedicated health food grocery store. Most other groceries include organic and health food sections. Because of these factors, many and various alternative health care practitioners are being drawn to this area. In our Practice Categories Index we provide both brief and detailed definitions of over fifty alternative medicine, holistic therapies and treatments.

Progressive regulatory infrastructure

This area also affords more freedom of choice in health care for individuals. Some years ago a statement was added to existing NC law to prevent license revocation for doctors practicing experimental alternative techniques unless these techniques are proven unsafe, thus allowing more freedom for physicians to practice what they feel is best for their patients. Licensing is required for acupuncturists and massage therapists. The General Assembly did not pass into law any licensing requirements for natuopathic doctors or energy workers and they are free to practice what they feel is best for their clients.

Although more people would like to try alternatives, how do they pay for it? Most alternative health care continues to be outside the limits of regular insurance. Chiropractic and Massage Therapy are leaders in winning acceptance. Both are sometimes covered by insurance. And there are options now detailed in our information on health coverage for alternative medicine.

Many alternative health care systems aid patients to take control of their own health. In view of these developing changes, I believe Cary is at the forefront of integrated and alternative health care: itís a great place to be health conscious!

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Need a Terminology Check?
Integrative Medicine
A philosophy of treatment that uses the traditional (drugs, surgery) in conjunction with 'natural' treatments such as herbal healing, massage, acupuncture, energy work, and dietary therapy. Practitioners of integrative medicine have a background in conventional medicine (most being licensed physicians or nurses) but have chosen to receive additional training in alternative therapies.

Complementary Medicine
When alternative therapies are used in addition to conventional medicine, they are viewed as complementary medicine.

Alternative Medicine
When alternative therapies are used in place of conventional medicine, it is considered to be alternative medicine.
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