Animal Healing Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham NC

Animal Healing is the channelling of universal healing energies through the healer to the recipient animal: it re-energises and relaxes your pet to enable his or her own natural resources to deal with illness or injury in the best possible way. All animals benefit from healing, as it is a natural therapy, promoting calm, peace, and deep relaxation.

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One Light Center for Healing, Growth, and Renewal
Marcia McCollum Hebrank, MSW

Through her deep connection with the Angelic Realm, Moon (Marcia) connects with your guardian angels and with the Archangels and Ascended ...
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Blueskyes Journey LLC
Deanna Frey

Offering in person and distance Reiki for people and animals as well as Archangelic Light healing in person and at a distance. I also offer ...
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Emily Turner

Our philosophy is to provide thoughtful and experienced pet care. Your pet's health and wellbeing are important to us. We understand ...
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Companion Chi
Susan King

I help animals heal by providing each animal with a unique session tailored to meet their current needs. Techniques used include massage, ...
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