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Channeling is the activity of consciously connecting to specific energies that we don't normally see in this reality. It is an opening of the lines of communication between us and non-corporeal entities (Angels, ascended spirits, ghosts) to gain information that may assist us in our spiritual growth. While channeling, the information comes in the voice of these entities rather than in the channel's own voice.

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Psychic Medium/Reiki
Rebecca Mitchell-Guthrie

Psychic medium, channel, psychic medium phone readings, long-distance Reiki.
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Sera Hwang

Sera Hwang's readings consist of a turbo boost combo of (1) energy healing + (2) an Akashic reading. (1) ENERGY HEALING - For the first few ...
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Shine Your Light Gifts LLC
Marie Mohler

Marie Mohler is a spiritual channel who offers Soul Reading Services to people seeking to understand their soul's story, journey, lessons, ...
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Sherrie Dillard

Medical Intuitive, Psychic-Energy Readings, Clairvoyant, Medium, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling
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Lynn Schuppan

Spiritual intuitive healing past life regression medium work rune and tea leaf reading Crystal healing chakra cleansing spiritual ...
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