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Acting On An Opportunity

Written By: Phil Okrend

Topic: Personal Growth
My 15 year old son Jordan is a wonderful guitarist. He's been playing since he was 7 and he's adept at improvisation and different styles of music. When he has the chance to play, he is at home and confident. Recently, my family was invited to an afternoon party at the home of a friend. Our friend had hired a folk rock band to play in her garage for the occasion of her daughter's engagement. We really enjoyed the band's playing. I caught a glimpse of their set list, and one of the songs was "All Along The Watchtower", an old Jimi Hendrix tune. I knew that Jordan knew that song and could really play it well.

During the band's break, I asked the guitar player if Jordan could sit in for a number. The guitar player seemed a bit unresponsive towards my request, and Jordan didn't want to push it. When the band finally finished their last number, I proceeded to purchase
one of their CD's. I then spontaneously asked
another member of the band who I bought the CD from if they could play one more number, "All Along The Watchtower" with Jordan playing electric guitar. This band member was much more open to my request and the others then agreed that they would do it.

I told the guitar player who was reluctant that he would be more enthusiastic after he heard Jordan play. Anyway, it happened. When Jordan started playing, others at the party, especially the younger people started gathering near the band. It all seemed very magical. Jordan shined, the other band members were surprised and happy about the talent of this 15 year old kid. At the end, I jokingly said to the band, that Jordan would be happy to play with them in the future and that he comes "cheap". One of the band members responded, "Not for long".

The point of this little story is that if I had not pursued making another request for Jordan to play because of the first band member's resistance, a wonderful opportunity for my son would have been lost.

As I knew that Jordan would shine once he had the opportunity to play music, is there something you know you can do well, but are holding back on taking action to make happen.

If what you want resonates with your vision,
talents or abilities, pursue it. Your belief and the actions you take on behalf of those beliefs will overcome resistance you face from others. If one way doesn't work, find another way. Don't allow outside opinions stop you from doing something you believe in and know to be true. The world will miss out on what you have to offer and you will never know how far you could have gone.

Phil Okrend,CPCC owner of Stepping Stones Coaching is a certified life & business coach who works with his clients to achieve an extraordinary life reflecting their unique calling, talents and passions. Phil also offers a special service to define your vision and reinforce the life you really want by recording your personal affirmations over his original meditative music, on a take home CD. To learn more call 919-621-1578 or e mail phil@steppingstonescoaching.com www.steppingstonescoaching.com

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