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Movement Therapies

Movement Therapists in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill

Summary of Movement Therapies

Movement therapies are techniques aimed at "retraining" your body to move in a healthy way to relieve chronic pain and muscular tension. During a session, you may wear loose, comfortable clothing. Most of these techniques are quite gentle and accessible to beginners, and some are more widely available than others. Some types of movement may aggravate arthritis or other joint problems, so check with your doctor before trying any new therapy if you have a medical condition.

Movement therapy is founded on the premise that the body and mind are an interrelated continuum, that the state of the body may affect mental and emotional wellbeing in manifold ways. In contrast to artistic dance, which is usually concerned with the aesthetic appearance of movement, dance therapy explores the nature of all movement. Through observing and altering the kinesthetic movements of a client, dance movement therapists diagnose and help solve various psychological and physical problems.

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Harmony Pilates Studio, Integrative Movement & Yog
Susan Simon
 (Practice Details)
Apex 919-389-2747

PMA Certified
All levels, ages, & body types...
Discover the Fire
Jeff Simonton
 (Practice Details)
Durham 919-931-9983

Certified Taiji 5 Element Qigong Instructor
Online mind-body-spirit university offering courses in tai chi, meditation, reiki, yoga, qigong, and more plus live workshops & retreats. ...

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