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What is your MBS - IQ?

Eastern philosopy sees us as 3-part beings. A basic observation is, at all times, we are either: thinking (mind), feeling (body), or in a mindless consciousness (spirit). We spend our entire lives in one of these three modes of awareness!

An Indigo Life starts with balancing our whole being. We have developed a brief quiz that will provide insight into how these modes show up in your life - your Body Mind Spirit IQ.


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alternative healthcare We wish to thank Paul Foreman for the use of this mind map.

Support For Women's Health Care and Spiritual Education

Many people are waking up and realizing how our current health culture is unsustainable and that change is happening at rapid rate. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 36% of adults in this country already use the services of our practitioners.

The Indigo Life Center is for those who are seeking preventative health care or a new approach to treating ailments. The overall vision is to improve our quality of life. Whether you are searching for an uncommon cure for an everyday ailment or a life threatening disease, there may be an alternative medicine remedy or holistic therapy that can help you.

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