Beth Owl's Daughter

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Beth Owl's Daughter
Office Phone: (919) 620-7525
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Practice Categories:
Spiritual Counseling, Tarot Card Readings

License, Degrees, Certifications:
ATA, TABI, Tarot Professionals

* * * Priestess of Enchantment and Transformation * * *

Since 1972, Beth has been a seer and guide in the non-ordinary realms. She offers exceptional skill, integrity, and service as a master-level Tarot reader, trained hereditary intuitive, leader and teacher. Services include: workshops, classes, Tarot guidance, intuitive consultations, energy clearing, past life Tarot readings, contact with Guides and Other Beings, Priestessing, and Tarot/herbal magick. Beth offers her readings in Raleigh twice a month at Dancing Moon Books, as well as by phone or in person, by previous appointment only.

* * Predict Your Future by Creating It * *

Beth Owl's Daughter [] is an internationally recognized writer, teacher and leader in the Tarot community....

... For many years, she has been an active member in a number of professional esoteric and Tarot organizations, and has published countless articles, reviews and columns about the Tarot. She is currently the monthly Tarot columnist for The Meta Arts Magazine.

.. Beth serves on the Board of Directors for Cherry Hill Seminary, the modern world''s first and only graduate-level education for Pagan ministry...

.. Beth is the founder and organizer of one of the world''s oldest and largest Tarot social groups...

.. Beth is also a trained, full-time intuitive, an eclectic practitioner in the Reclaiming tradition, an Usui Reiki practitioner, and an award-winning blogger:

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