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The Art of Living Foundation (AOLF)presents 6-day workshops for stress management through breath and yoga in the Raleigh area. The AOLF also conducts free introductory seminars and meditation sessions at the Morrisville center. We have a 22- hour workshop (spread over 5 days)from June 6th to June 10th 2008 in Morrisville. Participants will go through guided meditation techniques, group processes to eliminate negative emotions and learn powerful breathing techniques and various yoga poses. The keystone of the workshop will be Sudarshan Kriya, a special rhythmic breathing process that has shown to eliminate stress, decrease anxiety, and increase productivity and energy. Please contact 919 535 8932 for registration details or questions.

The Art of Living Foundation is a global service project that has made an extraordinary impact on local communities and the world family. Made up almost entirely of volunteers, the Foundation has brought service programs, trauma relief, and peace initiatives to thousands of people in places of raging conflict, inner cities, prisons, and to areas devastated by war and natural disaster. And the programs have had a dramatic effect. At a tsunami site a few weeks after the disaster, the BBC reported that the only people able to smile were those who had taken the Art of Living programs. Thousands were helped at this site alone. Research done on the programs there indicated that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder was relieved in as little as eight hours. Other research has indicated that Vietnam War veterans found relief from 30 years of PTSD after taking an 18-hour Art of Living Course.

Often working closely with its sister organization, the International Association for Human Values, volunteers from the Art of Living Foundation and IAHV have developed an effective and dynamic model for swift response to disasters. The two organizations were among the first relief groups to reach Hurricane Katrina-affected areas (including refugees in neighboring states), and they are still active with efforts to help people re-build their lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. Youth Leadership Training Programs there and around the world have harnessed the energy and compassion of youth, with special leadership training programs held onsite in New Orleans. The relief training was put into action immediately.

Through knowledge, practical techniques, and an element of grace, the Foundation''s programs not only relieve stress and trauma, they have brought actual peace, and restore a personal sense of well-being, compassion, and enthusiasm for life.

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