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Julie E McBurney
Office Phone: (919) 889-9505
Cell Phone: (919) 889-9505

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CD(DONA) I, II, & III Usui Tibetan Reiki

As your doula, I will be fully present with you through the entire experience. We will meet beforehand to get to know each other, work through your birth plan, and prepare to work as a team. I will be available through your pregnancy to help you be as comfortable and informed as possible. I will work with you as you decide when labor has begun and join you as soon as you want support. My services include A Prenatal Visit, Access to Extensive Lending Library, Birth Plan Consultation,
Unlimited Phone and Email Consultation, A Full Month of being on call, Unconditional Labor and Birth Support, Birth Photography with your camera,
Birth Story composition and presentation,Lactation Support Services, and A Postpartum Visit.

My journey with birth really began when I found out I was pregnant for the first time. I picked up a quintessential, popular book about pregnancy and birth, but wasn't satisfied with it. So I started looking for better books. I looked for books that would help me feel safe and empowered; informed. I wanted books that showed faith in our bodies. I wanted to understand the natural order of birth; how it worked. Out of the friends I knew who had babies before me, it was those who took charge of the experience that I connected with. I experienced the joy of doula support when I had my second baby in 2007.

After my first positive birth experience, in 2000, I found myself hearing a lot of negative tales from other mothers. I wanted to reach out to them and help them have better experiences. I found myself wishing I could have been there to support them with information, emotionally and physically. I can't remember how I found out about doulas, but –after hearing the experiences of others- it seemed like the right role for me. I wanted to help empower women with the lasting memory of a good birth. I started attending births as a doula in 2005, choosing to become certified by DONA International.

I was encouraged to learn about Reiki even before I became a mother because friends who were familiar with it felt that it would come naturally to me. I was empowered by the healing aspects of Reiki and find myself excited to share that with other mothers. Over time I've moved through different levels of Reiki training, expanding my skills and techniques and have now achieved level 3 out of 4; only steps away from Reiki Master.

When I think of birth, I think of it as a natural, normal event that involves a need for support, rhythm, and comfort. I enjoy how every birth I attend, I learn more; see and understand completely all the many details of labor and birth. Birth is an endless fountain of information.

I see myself as the person to fill in the blanks, so to speak. Knowledge can make such a difference towards a good birth experience. I want to complete the circle of support, wherever there are links to be connected. I feel that confidence makes all the difference in birth. I know that level of confidence will carry a person through all the parenting challenges in the future. You'll always remember you did it!

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