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Sandy Concar
Office Phone: (919) 270-8673
Cell Phone: (919) 270-8673

Practice Categories:
Emotional Freedom Technique

License, Degrees, Certifications:
EFT Cert-I Practitioner, Kinesiology/Muscle Testing Practit

I'd like to ask you . . .
Are you the one that people naturally turn to when in need of compassion, care and extra help? If yes, do you feel you're being pulled in all directions?
Next, I'd like to ask you . . .
Where do you turn for nurturing and support when you begin to feel . . .
* Isolated?
* Powerless?
* Angry or frustrated?
* Helpless as your loved one goes through a challenging time?
You've been lead right here for purpose and hope.
I work with people, just like yourself, who care for others and who may feel they've lost a part of themselves in the daily chaos.
I will guide you through the exact steps I created to transform my own life after several devastating turn of events.
Through our work together, you will awaken gently to the . . .
* realization of your own self-worth * you'll begin to implement healthful life changes * you'll begin to regain balance and direction in your life
To explore my services a little further:
I invite you to take the first step today . . .
* Accept my complimentary 3-part video series: 3-Quick Steps: STOP Stress, Frustration and Sleepless Nights
After viewing my video series you'll be given the opportunity to explore . . .
* my mentoring programs
* join my monthly membership support community
* schedule a Complimentary Chat with me See you're not alone. Others have been where you are and as a community we understand and we come together to support one another regardless of what season of CareGiving challenges we're experiencing.
To personally speak with me please schedule a complimentary chat via and click on coffee cup graphic and schedule either a Skype or phone session. is an on-line based mentoring practice. I meet with clients via Skype (no video required) via a private conference line.
* Private Individual Sessions
* Group Sessions
* Community Support Monthly Membership
* Local Workshops are Available: See my Events page on
*On-Line Mentoring Programs Available:
If you'd like to fast forward, schedule your Complimentary Chat Today!

Meet Sandy:
I am personally a family CareGiver spanning nearly three decades, though I more easily identify myself with the roles of wife, mom, daughter & friend and you may as well.
I'm a daughter caring for her elderly parent. I'm a mom who has cared for her adult son following a disabling accident. At times I've managed simultaneous care for an elderly parent and a disabled son.
I've felt the feelings we CareGivers "shouldn't" feel. I've experienced losing my sense of self. I've experienced the overwhelm, the financial pressure, the lack of sleep, the lack of energy, the lack of self-care. And, I've come through my journey standing tall and proud with a deepened love and respect for those who depend on me the most, a heightened sense of personal joy and gratitude, and a remarkable, passionate new sense of purpose in sharing the gifts of my caregiving journey with you through CareGiverSanity.
Are you ready? Together we will navigate through and beyond your fears, unfamiliar emotions and uncertainties into a space of acceptance, renewed energy and confidence, and personal joy.
Take the first step towards your own experiences of new perspectives and gain new healthful life changes.

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