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Cindy Cicero
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Website: www.chienergyheals.com

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Energy Medicine

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Certified Instructor and Director of Operations

The Online School of Chi Energy Heals A Unique Online School that teaches the beginner or professional extreme healing energy abilities using the latest scientific information based on Quantum Physics and Medical Research.

Students will learn how to build up high levels of bioenergy utilizing the body's Nerve Fibers simply by performing specially designed energy exercises.

This is an exclusive private curriculum for Holistic Energy Workers, Sensitive Individuals and for those who are aware of the Bio-Energy that surrounds them.

Create your own Bio-Energy Forms that balance your endocrine system & heal the body and mind so that your true spiritual nature is revealed

* Heal inflammation in your mind & body with an Advanced "Bio-Energy" Tri-Concept Method that uses a good feeling, cool and a relaxed way of being

* Build your Nerve Fibers so you become sensitive to physically feel, form and amplify your own bio-energy

* Learn & experience the Science that is the Real Law of Attraction with your own amplified bio-energy & pheromones

* Easy to Learn Flow Patterns of Energy Unleashes your Intuitive & Advanced Chi abilities… A Mentored Based Training Program

Head Instructor Sifu Robin Jones Developer of the Chi Energy Method

Sifu Rob Jones over 40 years of experience in the Martial Arts field of external\internal Chi Energy disciplines such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Wu Chi, Nei Gong, Meditation and a host of other skilled physical and spiritual energy work.

The Chi Energy Method that he has developed is a training camp style of energy cultivation taught online. He has done this through rigorous testing and development to create the Chi Energy Cool Circular Method with advanced Quantum bioenergy techniques.

His Yin Chi techniques of practice takes the novice and advanced student to extreme energy levels. These techniques are complete with safe guards in place for optimal results in health, healing and extreme energy abilities.

Director of Operations Certified Instructor Sifu Cindy Cicero

Has 20 years experience in energy work and 12 years experience in teaching and mentoring skills. She is the Director of Operations for the Online School of Chi Energy Heals and a certified Chi Energy Heals instructor in the art of healing with bio-energy techniques and instruction.

Cindy Cicero is a teacher and instructor skilled in the art of Chi Energy Heals bioenergy training.

She is the Director of Operations for the Online School of Chi Energy Heals and in business since 1998. Cindy has received private instruction and training that far surpasses her abilities acquired from other energy systems with teacher Sifu Robin Jones.

Her instructor Sifu Jones has an extensive background in internal energy work with 40+ years as a Kung Fu Martial Artist. And he has revealed to her the mysteries behind healing powers of bio-electricity as way to optimal health and advanced healing.

Cindy Cicero's Background

Certified Chi Energy School Instructor & Bioenergy practitioner.

A Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation teacher who has studied under doctors Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Dr. Jeff Brantley of Duke University's Center for Integrative Medicine.

Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by the International Oriental Bodywork Association and licensed in the state of North Carolina

Certified as a Spring Forest Qigong Healer and Teacher

Certified as a Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist in the Kripalu Yogic Healing Tradition

Certified in the Eastern Institute of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Member of the Rhine Center Parapsychology Center

Member & volunteer on the Board of Directors for the Qigong Institute

Research and Development Certified Instructor Sifu Don Brown

Don Brown began his training with Sifu Jones in 1997. His background is an amalgam of intellectual curiosity, stemming from his introduction to the concept of chi in traditional martial arts [tai chi and kenjutsu] and similarities between the two.

Don's scientific curiosity, background in Engineering (Masters of Science in Information Sciences) and [admitted] skeptical nature make him a perfect research assistant for the Sifus.

Don's interviews focus on quantum physics and how the latest scientific data correlate to chi, and more specifically, Chi Power. The information conveyed therein is backed with hours upon hours of research, and is explained in layman terms; Don takes great strides in not "dumbing it down", but more importantly, step by step, educating you on the nuances of each topic, so that a complete and thorough understanding of the information can be shared by the practitioners, and incorporated into our daily lives.

The Online School of Chi Energy Heals @ (919) 771 -7800

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