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Zena Lillie Pearl
Office Phone: (914) 412-5722
Cell Phone: (518) 380-8535
Website: www.bitwine.com

Practice Categories:
Astrology, Tarot Card Readings

License, Degrees, Certifications:
Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Cinematography.Writing

My readings are fueled and embraced by the power of love the greatest power there is, to reveal hidden secrets or motives of another, career guidance and changes your life. I can channel messages from those deceased or out of contact. I specialize in helping you heal health problems like cancers physical and mental. I can tell you what you were born to do if you are having financial problems or stuck in a rut. I gently guide you to perfect your life according to your deepest wishes. I am one of the rare readers in the United States who has developed a skillful practice as a reader for the Oracle I Ching. The I Ching provides wisdom and guidance on issues we ourselves are unaware of in our lives. Our guidance will come from the spirits. There is no problem that I cannot solve. There is no goal that I cannot help you reach. I never fail those who are honest with themselves and with me. I help you attract your deepest desires. Powerful!

I saved a marriage that would have failed because she was sure he was cheating but he wasn''t.

I have saved many lovers wasted time by explaining through astrology and the I Ching and Tarot the exact ''nature'' of why they have been pining for a certain person for several years and it never comes together. I have redirected them to what they really need and monitored each new lover until we got it right.

I have helped several people become financially independent through astrology and tarot by explaining to them what they were born to do as opposed what they were doing so they could never be the best or make the most money.

I have a newsletter that explains how to get and keep a real love relationship. I explain why you should never text or email and the power of waiting 3x to be asked out on a date and how to tell in 3 months whether you''ll get married and how to act to keep a man. The bottom line is that most relationships fail because they get started on the wrong foot and then the mistakes just multiply like a snowball to a disaster that didn''t have to be!

I got a 72 year old woman who had lost hope married after several years of loneliness after her husband had died.

I helped a man change his life after he lost his job and vowed he would never work for anyone else.

I have helped several women addicted to sexually potent men who were violent walk away and enter a true love relationship where they were protected and cherished even if they had been with the narcissist for decades.

I saved a woman from going to jail on the day she got the reading and losing her 3 children and her marriage with an I Ching reading combined with some meditation exercises so when her husband came home and tempted her we already had everything in place to change her karma. Now she is happy with her children, free not in jail, her kids are not in the system, she doesn''t have a criminal record and that man is out of her life.

I have several clients that have had cancer and we put them on eat to live diets combined with powerful meditations to eradicate the disease and get them to the right doctor.

I have several clients that have won several thousand dollars in court cases that they otherwise would have lost because of various reasons identified by the I Ching Oracle in terms of strategy on the opponents side heretofore unknown, lack of evidence, wrong lawyers, etc. etc.

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