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Amy Calhoun
Office Phone: (919) 815-5632
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Website: www.insightchange.com

Practice Categories:
Coaching, Spiritual Counseling

License, Degrees, Certifications:
MA, NLP Master Practitioner, Family Constellations Facilitat

Life provides us all with a plethora of experiences. Experience results in decisions and beliefs. These consequences of living both help us function in day-to-day life in that we don't have to consider every little implication of every choice or situation afresh, and it also impinges our range of expression because we have been programmed to respond the same way over and over. Mostly this is a good thing, as we are way to busy to to decide how everything should feel, and therefore what everything should mean.

But when we are having an experience that we would to stop having, or are noticing a new, different experience we would like to start having, then we can start to notice and shift our automatic programming. Thank goodness everything is adjustable!

I work with Neuro-Linguistics and Constellations to help people change their automatic programming in service of their wants & desires. Essentially, I help people have what they want, whatever that may be.

Amy is a Master NLP Practitioner and Family Constellation Facilitator. She also holds a Master's degree in Transformative Leadership. She enjoys working both in her private practice and as an organizational consultant. She is also an avid dancer. If you run across a street circus, you might just find her on the trapeze!

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