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Deborah Bird
Office Phone: (928) 592-7067
Cell Phone: (928) 592-7067
Website: www.deborahbird.com

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License, Degrees, Certifications:
Certified Hypnotherapist -C.H.t.; MBA, Reiki Master

Deborah has a 100% success rate in healing anxiety, eliminating sugar and soda addictions, and eliminating BED. In hypnosis, she uses leading edge techniques to release old knowns and give the client a new, higher vibration reality. Her favorite reprograming techniques are: The Sedona Method; Tonglen; Abraham Hicks law of attraction; the Release Method; Eckhart Tolle's awareness techniques; Emotional Freedom Technique and Ho'oponopono. In addition to goals manifesting sooner, these techniques increase happiness, wellbeing and reduce stress. ​​​​​

Hypnosis works well with:
Eliminating anxiety
Eliminating sugar and soda addictions,and BED
Improving athletic and academic performance
Pre and post surgery enhancement
Pain management
Setting and achieving goals with greater success​​​
Weight loss
Quit smoking
Elimination of fears and phobias
Stress reduction
Relationship enhancement
Children's issues, such as bed wetting​​
We project our internal circumstances out into the world like a mirror. Deborah uses hypnosis and other leading edge techniques to clean this mirror allowing the client to project a bright, abundant reflection out into the world. The key to success is breaking through the critical mind to access and reprogram the subconscious mind. In addition to goals manifesting sooner, these techniques increase happiness, wellbeing and reduce stress. Once the mirror is clean, the client's stronger mindset often results in a new mapped reality. ​​ ​ ​​

Deborah is a Certified Hypnotherapist ID# 87460034, AFL-CIO Hypnotherapists Union Local No. 472.

​​She received her training from The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, located in Los Angeles, CA, America's first nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy. She also has an MBA in Finance from George Washington University, is a certified yoga teacher, and is an accomplished oil painter. She has had a significant amount of training in the Sedona Method, a popular worldwide releasing technique, used both by large corporations and doctors throughout the world.

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