Gypsie's Llight

Contact Info
Gypsie Wind-Feather Franklin
Office Phone: (919) 949-1167
Cell Phone: (919) 949-1167

Practice Categories:
Reiki, Shaman

License, Degrees, Certifications:
Usui Shiki Rhoyo Reiki III Master/Teacher, Shamanic Healing

Reiki Energy Healing & Self-Healing Technique Instruction, Animal Spirit Guide Counselor & Interpreter, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Meditation Instruction, Shamanic Dream/Drum Journeying, Crystal Energy Healing. Located on Emerald Isle, NC, one half hour from Morehead City, NC.

I began my spiritual journey at three years old when I told my parents I could see Jesus's feet hanging from the clouds. Remarkable to them as they were not church-goers and had not taught me any stories from the bible. As a small child I walked by myself to any service of any denomination that was near-by, always with a nickle donation clutched tightly in my hand.

As a young adult I attended the southern Evangelical and Gospel church's along with a small Catholic church my best-friend attended. Always drawn to nature and the lessons to be learned there, I followed my Native American roots where it was discovered I am a a healer and reader of animal totems and guides.

In my early fifties, I began studying the healing arts of energy and earned the title of Reiki Master. In 2010 I obtained my official Ordination and began officiating weddings, baptisms, hand-fastings and funerals; embracing my entire belief structure by which I choose to live my life. I have been described as a Native American Animistic Zen-Budhist Druid Christican.

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