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Pommier Ana
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All of our essential oils are pure (undiluted). They come from the best producer/grower, certification is available on demand. All of our formulated ready to use products are made with these essential oils and are 100% natural, with no colorants or additives and are cruelty free. We test the products on ourselves (yes, we use them).

Being raised by my grandparents, I spent a great deal of time with my grandfather gathering flowers, plants, and minerals for his potions and unguents. He taught me about the medicinal effects of these natural ingredients on the body, and early in my life a passion for natural healing grew. As well as, an incredible thirst for learning about alchemy, apothecary and later aromatherapy as they are all related at one point or another. When I was 14, my parents moved to Grasse in the south of France. Growing up in the world's perfume capital I pursued my interest in plants, flowers and later essential oils. At the time aromatherapy was not fully recognized as it is today so I entered the perfume industry, working in all its aspect from perfume maker to perfume distributor. I also became publisher of one of the first trade magazines dedicated to the perfume industry. I never lost my interest in alchemy and herbology. Starting with the notes of my grandfather and having almost unlimited access to essential oils (due to my position in the industry), I experimented and created formulas with the help of many colleagues, perfumers, but also pharmacists, researchers and cosmetologists. This passion for natural healing must run in the family genes as my Daughter (an anthropology student) is also working with us as an apprentice. My younger brother was a researcher in pharmacy and now semi-retired he is selling aromatherapy in is pharmacy near Montpellier (south of France).

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