Our Eternal Selves

Contact Info
Pamela Whitaker
Office Phone: (919) 775-3890
Cell Phone:
Website: oureternalselves.weebly.com

Practice Categories:
DNA Activation, Past Life Regression

License, Degrees, Certifications:
Level 2 QHHT Dedicated Quantum Healing Hypnosis Facilitator,

QHHT is technically a 'past life regression' method of hypnosis, with a richly life enhancing twist.
We engage directly with the innate eternal aspects of a person, to find the core quantum purpose/cause of what is being presented. Then according to the individuals own innate wisdom they will move into a more balanced whole expression of self.

Namaste Divine Beings!
My name is Pamela who is a Universal Being waking to an ordinary life as an extraordinary human. I have always known things are not what they seem. I began seeking out materials to learn more of what innately behind the curtain at a very early age. Slowly learning through life experiences, it was in 2013 when I truly began to remember I AM and who, what and why I Am. I am delighted and honored to participate right here, right now!

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