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Host of Spiritual Wisdom Radio & Best-Selling Author

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Spiritual Wisdom Radio airs Monday thru Friday, and provides its listeners with a safe harbor that allows you to spiritually awaken, reclaim your soul's consciousness and get your power back! Hosted by Best-Selling Author, Acknowledge Authority on Dream Interpretation & all Spiritual Matters, Spiritual Maverick, Spiritual Mentor, and Gifted Healer Clementina Marie Giovannetti.

Clementina was born with an extraordinary gift of sight and has graced the airways nationwide for nearly 40 years, with her profound wisdom and clarity about all spiritual matters. Clementina is the author of Jesus And A Roman Centurion: A Past Life Memoir, The Best-Selling Guide to Spiritual Interpretations of Your Dreams, and Miracles and a Prophetic Message from an Angel.

Here are just a few of the highlights from Clementina’s recent episodes that simply must be shared. Her show is simply out of this world!
My mom's response to me sharing my first angelic encounter: "I'm going to take her to the Roman Catholic Priest to get her exorcised because she's definitely possessed by the devil."

The most important message that I can give to the audience is that, “You are not your body! You are a soul and you have lived many, many, many, many lifetimes. There is no death, death is a myth.

The most important thing that all moms, all parents, have got to remember is that your child too, is in fact a soul who has lived many, many, many times before and may even be more evolved, more spiritually advanced than you are.

Clementina's story is unbelievable in many ways, things like the abuse and hatred she experienced in her own home; the angel visits and assignments she was given from such a young age; being guided to a place to live only to have the KKK out to get her; her incredible ability to heal; and that's not even talking about her meeting with Jesus! It's pretty surreal, yet it's also too incredible to make up.

Here are some additional highlights from her show:

"I was born with a very profound gift of site, meaning that I was able to see through all of the illusions on earth, the artificial reality which some people refer to as the matrix. One simple illusion that I talk about in my book, that definitely relates to the current me too movement, is in this lifetime I chose to incarnate in a female body. I can't even begin to tell you what a challenge that was!

"Our modern, man-made religions really have got to take the responsibility for silencing the women. Because if you look at the scriptures of most traditional Christian religions, it says women cannot speak; they must remain submissive and obey. So I really believe that our organized man-made religions have had a great deal of ultimate control and domination over the women. And today women are breaking free and questioning these belief systems."

A big part of Clementina's story, has also been affected by her experience in an amazing past life as a Roman Centurion where she actually met Jesus when He was just two years old ...

"I had the incredible (there are no words), blessed opportunity to meet Jesus 2000 years ago when he was just a child and to experience his consciousness intimately on a soul level."

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