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Sera Hwang
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Sera Hwang's readings consist of a turbo boost combo of (1) energy healing + (2) an Akashic reading. (1) ENERGY HEALING - For the first few minutes, Sera utilizes the Arcturian Healing Method, where she transmits powerful healing frequencies into your energy field. (2) AKASHIC RECORDS - Then, you will dive into your Akashic records. The Akashic records, which is the energetic imprint of all that has ever occurred in time and space, is essentially like a juiced-up internet, where you can gain information to help you release negative energies and add more joy and peace into your life. You're in the driver's seat and direct the conversation on topics for which you want guidance. Feel free to ask about past lives!

Sera is a MIT grad + former lawyer and entrepreneur. After a debilitating case of carpal tunnel, Sera learned about the mind-body connection, which began her spiritual journey down the rabbit hole. Now, Sera Hwang is excited to share with you the same spiritual tools that have helped her tremendously!

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