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Jean Wiley
Office Phone: (252) 655-1300
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Practice Categories:
Astrology, Self Discovery, Spiritual Counseling

License, Degrees, Certifications:
Certified Professional Astrologer, CPA in practice for 10 ye


The use of astrology helps you learn the energies at work for you in the present and future. It is easier to live when you have a clearer sense of who you are and what you need.

Astrology provides a means to understand the process of one's whole life. Consultations address relationship, financial, family, health and work areas. We can also discuss immediately applicable tools and skill sets that can be applied to any challenges you may be currently facing.

Option #1 In-Depth Consultation - $100.00 (For OBX Residents $80.00)
This service explores personality traits and tendencies (the natal birthchart), and current and future trends analysis for a 12 month period (great for personal planing and business decisions). This is not a computer generated report; rather, I spend 2 hours prior to our consult developing and reading trends that are unique to your life and experiences. We will also explore any specific questions and challenges you may be experiencing in your life and discuss specific methods for coping with the current concerns. Relationship, financial, health, career and family topics are typically discussed.

Option #2 Natal Horoscope for Infants and Children - $70.00

Option #3 Yearly Transit Consultation - $80.00

Option #4 A "Specific Issue" Consultation - $60.00
This service is great for answering questions of timing such as, setting wedding dates, when to pursue a new business or vocation, or when to plan a move. If you've been grappling with a specific question or concern, this consultation will definately provide insight and decision making tools.

I will need 1) Birthdate, 2) Place of Birth and 3) Time of Birth if available.
Example: 10/5/73, Lafayette LA at 8:26 a.m.

Personal checks must be received prior to consult or use your Visa, Mastercard, AmEx or Debit Card using Paypal.
Please add a $3.00 convenience charge when using Paypal

In-person, telephone, or the birthchart can be taped and mailed to you.

Jean Wiley has been a professional astrologer since the mid-90's. At 10 years of age she picked up her first astrology book and has been engaged in the journey of personal energy patterns ever since.

For two years she hosted a monthly radio show in Pinehurst, NC on the subconscious and human potential areas. In 2001 she became a published author which led to appearances on Fox 50 television, WRAL morning television news, and numerous guest spots on radio stations across the state of North Carolina.

Jean moved to the Outer Banks, NC in the summer of 2008. She delivers unique keynotes on living your life to the fullest engaging discussion on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of living in this interesting and sometimes challenging world..

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